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Comic Recreation

So after reading More Than Meets the Eye #33 I was surprised at the development of one of the characters.

I especially liked the last panel of the comic and decided to recreate it with a picture.

spoiler ahead

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Sencho Barbossa test shot review

I actually posted this on YouTube awhile back. Things got busy with my dog (a whole other story!) and forgot to post this here.


KFC’s Sencho Barbossa (Captain Shark)

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Captain of the Sharks

Picked this guy up. I’ll give it a review in the next couple days.


07 23 sharks 0107 23 sharks 0207 23 sharks 0307 23 sharks 0407 23 sharks 0507 23 sharks 0607 23 sharks 0707 23 sharks 08

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Let’s give this another go…

Nothing to start with really. Just wanted to shake off the cobwebs and chase out the bugs…


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Couple articles over on Kuma Style

Just as an update, I’ve written a couple articles over on Look for more news and things from me there and some updates to hit here fairly soon.


In the meantime though , here’s a picture of ƒx:Code. Get this guy!


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Figma Link

Picked this guy up at Silver Snail today. I know it sucks for a lot of you who had your BBTS orders cancelled but damn if this isn’t an amazing figure.

Can’t wait for Pit and D-Arts Mega Man so I can really get some SSB action happening!

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Worlds are colliding…

Full review when’s shipment finally gets here.

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